Mexico Frame Complete

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I spent the day in the shop Saturday completing the Mexico frame.  The day started out with a plain whie frame and ended with the final clearcoat curing as I walked out the door.  There is a semi-logical pictoral in my Flickr album showing the progression of this moderately complicated design.  The thing about designs like this one is that there isn’t any one part that is hard to do, but they are hard to execute because there are just a lot of small steps you have to do in order and you have to do each small step well to make the entire package look cohesive.  They are also very time consuming because there is so much masking to do so that there isn’t touch-up work between each step.  This frame will receive a red Salsa LipLock seat clamp, a red Chris King NoThreadSet, stainless steel bottle boss screws, stainless steel head tube cable adjusters, and black plastic bottom bracket cable guide.  Shipment down to South Carolina will be very soon.


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One Response to Mexico Frame Complete

  1. Eric says:

    Hey Tony,

    I work with your Dad. This is a really tight-looking build, the paint is super clean and looks PRO. Keep up the good work. Is the buyer procuring components from you as well? What is he thinking about finishing the bike with?

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