Bicicleta de Mexico: Primed and White

Originally uploaded by anthony.maietta


Last night was a quick one in the shop. Here are a few pics of the Mexico frame after being shot with PPG epoxy primer. The primer is cured in an oven and then wet sanded to a very smooth finish with 3M Wetordry 600 grit sandpaper. The first step in the paint execution on this frame was a complete coverage of white basecoat. White is probably the worst covering, hardest to shoot, non-metallic color. It is however a very PRO color, and uber-sexy for any race bike, so its color you just have to learn to shoot.  I use a SATA “touch up” gun. It’s the size of a touch up gun for the auto industry, but its the perfect size for bicycle frames. The basecoat paint comes in a concentrated form and is reduced with a transparent thinning solution at a 1:1 ratio. I always mix a bit extra in case I need to touch anything up afterwards. This isn’t as critical with straight colors out of the can, but it crucial with custom mixes. You don’t want to use every last drop of a custom color shooting the initial coats, only to need an 1/8 of a teaspoon two hours later…good luck mixing that one!  If there is any paint left after the bike is complete, even if its been reduced, you can pour it back into the parent can. I forogt to take pictures after the white was shot…next entry!


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