The Candy Shop

I finished painting a Maietta Factory Special frameset tonight.  The 54 cm frameset will be equipped with a red Chris King NoThreadSet and an Alpha Q CX 20 fork and is on the market for $1999.  A few hot off the press (paint gun) pictures are shown in the Maietta Flickr galleries, however more detailed pictures will be available soon.  The front section of the frame is pure gloss white with diagonal transitions over the ST and DT to silver metallic.  The back half of the frame is candy red.  Cliche line alert: the color really pops in the sunlight (but it really does!).  The tubing is Columbus Zona with s-bend seat stays and chain stays.  The cable routing is as follows: Front Derailleur: Top of TT to a cable adjuster on the back of the ST.  Cable routed around a pulley at the bottom of the ST and up to the front derailleur. Rear Derailleur: Full housing start to finish.  Three zip ties on the TT and three on the underside of the driveside seat stay. Rear Brake: Top of the TT to seat stay bridge.  Geometry highlights (please email me for more specifics) ST: 54 cm, TT: 54.5 cm, TT Slope: 0 deg, STA: 72.9 deg, HTA: 72.3, BB Drop: 7 cm, CS: 42 cm, FC: 58.2 cm, WB: 99.2 cm. Ready for shipment or delivery by Saturday 11.15.08.


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