Last night I started painting a frame for a customer in South Carolina who was born and raised in Mexico.  The frame is a gift from his girlfriend and appears to be the fufillment of a life-long dream of owning a custom bicycle.  To honor his heritage and thank his girlfriend he designed a unique paint design including both.  He sent me a hand drawing of his idea…I was most impressed with his freehand of my ambigram logo!  Here is a brief synopsis of what different parts represent (as best as I can remember right now):  The TT has Myan numbers that translate to a secret code important to he and his girlfriend.  I don’t know what the numbers are, nor the code, which is the way it should be.  He made sure to stress the importance of getting these correct, because if they were even slightly off the entire meaning would be lost.  The ST has two Mayan symbols very important to thier culture, but again I’m not really privy to the full meaning.  The SS have a homemade ambigram of his name in the Aztec language (very impressive).  Tube joints are green to give the overriding Mexican color scheme cohesion (plus he saw a Masi that he thought looked really cool with the design).  Lastly there are four dots on the four corners of the bike (HT, ST/TT, BB, DO) representing the four cardinal directions.  I’ll be documenting this paint job in detail as I design the custom graphics on the computer to executing the paint to decaling to the final clearcoat.  All pictures will be in my Flickr account…shown/linked just to the right of this here post…  ——–>

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