This is the first real post in a blog that I hope will be filled with loads of info pertaining to my framebuilding business, personal cycling endeavors, and race reports from a few good pals who race on my frames and in Maietta regalia.  Here is a quick bio: I am 26 and live in Worcester, MA with my wife (who rocks) and my cat (who snuggles).  I grew up in central Maine and try to visit my family up there as often as I can.  Currently I hold a day job as a new products mechanical engineer for a company in the lumber mill industry.  My true passion lies with the hours I spend in the evenings and on the weekends at my bicycle framebuilding studio in Shirley, MA.  I design, cut, TIG weld, and paint a line of custom bicycle frames bearing my last name: Maietta.  As my business grows I hope to tip the scales one day and build full time at a solar powered studio attached to my house.  I have listed links to fellow framebuilders whom I respect, but I owe everything I’ve learned in the trade to Toby at Hot Tubes and Mike Zanconato.  I feel very fortunate to be around those two dudes.

Photographs and narratives of bicycles in progress will be posted here.  They will the primary focus.  I also will add a touch of personal flair with stories of cycling trips I take; such as week of road and mountain riding I took with some of my closest friends in the Adirondack Mountains this past summer.  I have a few athletes racing cyclocross in New England on frames I’ve built and reports from their races will pepper this blog.  This is my personal word that you will not read a post starting “sorry I haven’t posted in a while.”  I am committed to this one!

Thanks and check back often!


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